Mequinensa International Film Festival is an international festival of short films that will be held in Mequinenza (Spain) from August 29th to September 2nd 2018. The festival is organized by FilmFactory.eu and is sponsored by Mequinenza City Council. The festival is totally free entrance. We are looking for short films which water is also a main character or they deal with water-related issues.

The MIFF aims to promote topics related to water through cinematographic works. The village is on the confluence where the rivers Ebro, Cinca and Segre meet, creating the “Aiguabarreig” one of the biggest fluvial confluences of all Europe. Nowadays, the town is a perfect place to enjoy the rivers, the nature and a milenial culture. The old town of Mequinenza hides also a tragic history: At the end of the 1950’s, several reservoirs were built along the Ebro river to make electricity.

This fact, meant that the ancient Mequinenza was flooded under the water of the Ebro river. Their inhabitants abandoned there all their memories and had to fight to move to a new town. Mequinenza reborn again due to the effort of its inhabitants on the banks of the Segre river. The new population is modern and touristic, and has become a world reference for sports like rowing or fishing, receiving visitors from all over the world.

On August 2019, Mequinenza will celebrate the fourth edition of Mequinenza International Film Festival with a broad number of different film-related activities for all publics. We aim filmmakers to attend the screenings in order to create a dialogue between public and filmmakers and to discover a beautiful landscape.

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